Rika Home Trainer

Functional Description

 The revolutionary Home Trainer was developed by RIKA in order to be able to precisely analyze and perfect the aiming phases before the shot as well as the shot and follow through. This equipment records and displays all data relevant to the shooting process. The aim process can be recalled in real time and be analyzed and shown in great detail on any 486 PC or higher, with the following advantages

        Suitable for both air guns and firearms, it is perfect for training both beginning and advanced shooters.

        An excellent function and safety feature, uses extremely accurate yet harmless infrared light, does not use dangerous lasers.

        Training with or without live firing is possible.

        Very user friendly; uncomplicated use. Because of it's light construction and simple assembly, it is quickly setup for a training session, as well as easily transported.

         Network capable, equipped with standard interfaces.

         Numerous ways to evaluate your hold, aim and follow through.

        Your cant deviation is recorded for analysis.

        Can be used from 3 meters to 10 meters with automatic distance recognition.

        Optional heart rate monitoring device.

        Up to two pressure sensor devices (optional) can attached to monitor such things as trigger, stock or hand pressure.

$1635 Cdn

$1240 USD*

695 pounds*

We have the system in stock and ready to ship.  Please e-mail us with any questions at craigbawden@yahoo.com  Demonstrations are available on request.

*Please note: The canadian $ price is fixed and other currencies will be charged based on exchange rate at time of order.

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